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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

They Move Pretty Quick At Hendrick Motor Sports

Here is a link for pictures of the HMS changes. Nice to see the 24 up next to the 5. Get the old guys working together. I think it will be good to see Jeff awat from the 48. I guess after Martin leaves Jeff and Kasey Kahne will be working together?

HMS Pictures

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Think I Am Done Mourning????

     OK the season is over and I have to listen to Jimmie Johnson shit over and over again for another year, but there is always next year.  He has to be beaten sometime-------right?  Well with all the crew chief changes at Hendrick Motor sports it gives Jeff new hope and a fresh outlook.  Alan Gustafson is now the man-----he almost got it done with Mark Martin a few years back.  Hopefully he and Jeff can get it together before Jeff gets to Mark's age. 
Here is all the Hendrick cars crew chiefs for next year.
No. 5 Chevrolet
Driver: Mark Martin
Crew Chief: Lance McGrew

No. 24 Chevrolet
Driver: Jeff Gordon
Crew Chief: Alan Gustafson

No. 48 Chevrolet
Driver: Jimmie Johnson
Crew Chief: Chad Knaus

No. 88 Chevrolet
Driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Crew Chief: Steve Letarte

Big changes except for Jim Jim and Chaddie.  What does everyone out there think of the changes?  You guys think this gives Jeff a better chance for a title going into next year?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Miami Where Jeff Makes History?

     With the title out of sight this year, there is still one last thing for Jeff to do at Miami.  He can win the race and make a little history by winning on ever track!  If that does not happen maybe he can wreck Kurt and Jeff.  Oh why stop there---- might as well take out Denny-----I really want to see him cry when he does not win the title.  So who do you guys think is gonna win the title?  Also do you think Jeff can knock Miami off of his list and win everywhere? 

Monday, November 8, 2010

#24 Pit Crew To Service #48 For Rest Of Year

     What a teammate/owner Jeff Jimmie take my crew and go and win yourself a 5th title. I kind of hope when it comes down to Homestead that the crew pulls off the tires on the last pit stop and then just sits down on the ground and boycotts Jimmie & Chad. Ya I know teammates, but I am just sick of Jimmie & Chad.
     I hate Harvick and Hamlin so who do I want to see win? I really can't answer that. Is Morgan Shepard in the!!
     Anyways what do you guys think about the change of the pit crews? How would you feel if you worked the whole year with the #48 and then are pulled with 2 1/2 races to go? If they win the title does it mean as much to those guys now?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jeff Gordon Throwing Down With Jeff Burton Texas

Title shot is all but over now! Jeff Burton wrecks Jeff Gordon under the caution flag. After the wreck Jeff Gordon walked all the way down to Jeff Burton's car and pushed, shoved and looked like they were gonna get into a good fight. Great to see the fire and pissed off attitude out of Jeff Gordon. Good little video from youtube.

Now to make the race even crazier-----the #24 team is now gonna pit the #48 car because they are pitting the car like crap today! Can't wait to see how they handle this during the upcoming week. Right in the championship fight and you basically bench your pit team? Well 100 laps to go---see what happens next

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Texas Only A 3 Man Race----What About Jeff?

     So that is all that you here on TV, "Only a 3 man chase"!!  I know it is close between the top three in points, but anything can happen with 3 races to go.  Jeff is barely over 200 points out.  One wreck could wipe out Jimmie, Kevin and Denny and he would be right back in it.  Is it likely to happen?  No.......but ya got to keep hope.  Why not Texas?  Jimmie is starting in 17th and Kevin and Denny both worse then 25th.  Starting that far back they could easily crash, miss the set up and fall down a lap or more......Tomorrow will only tell us and hopefully Jeff is less then 100 pts going to Phoenix.  Do you guys think it will happen?  Or is it all over for Jeff?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Talladega Over And The Championship Looking Slim

     Jeff did not end up with a bad finish this weekend, but all of the top 3 managed to survive and keep their points lead.  Now with only 3 races to go and still being back over 200 points it is not looking very good and the top 3 will have to have lots of problems to be able to contend.  Maybe with this years chase being so close the top 3 teams can pressure each other into mistakes.  Only thing to do is keep racing and fighting until you are eliminated.